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     Welcome to RITENG ARCADE, one of the china’s leading suppliers of new, hand-built arcade games machines. We lovingly create arcade cabinets and table arcade machines inspired by the original retro arcade machines we all know and love.

Our Equipment

     As the world’s leading producer of high-end multi game arcades, we have a particularly extensive list of satisfied clients. These include  many well-known celebrities/companies who all testify as to their quality and reliability. When buying from Bespoke Arcades, you can especially be rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.

Precision sliding table saw

CNC cutting machine

High resolution quality printer

Edge banding machine

----How to do

Workers training

Every employee in each position has to be trained and qualified to operate,Dedicated To Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal. Providing The Best Quality

Standardization process

* The salesman fills in the production form.

* Standard process of purchasing accessories

* Standard process for installing the machine

* Standard process for detecting machine quality

* Standard process for packing the packaging cabinet

We address these issues

We have 15 years + manufacturing experience, we know the products to improve those problems, choose us, we make you easy to succeed

Arcade Cabinets

Arcade Cabinets Produced By The Premier Arcade Machine Manufacturer

Certified accessories

We purchase certified accessories, the machine assembly after the relevant departments tested

Printing & glass

High quality printing is not easy to change color, surface sand-free, no scratches, The tempered glass is highly transparent and without scratches


We according to the different transportation, choose the appropriate packaging method, to ensure the safety of the products to your home

Certified high quality arcade accessories

     In order to reduce the after-sales failure, we choose the main accessories have been certified, we have implemented the damage compensation service, so that your after-sales service without trouble

The Premier Arcade Cabinets

* Chrome T-molding beautiful

* Strong Build 15-20mm thick MDF board.

* No scratches on the surface

* CNC cutting machine ,fully  mechanical drilling, small error, high accuracy,it is strong and durable without deformation.

our advantages

Cabinet Material
● Strong and solid MDF 18mm cabinet.
● Frosted texture sticker for control panel, avoid finger prints and scratches.
● Chrome T-molding.
● Thick tempered glass.
●Full Size Arcade Buttons,professional Long Lasting Joystick.
● Custom line is beautiful and easy to repair
●HD Resolution Screen,Easy access to LCD monitor & game box via repair door.
●Stereo speakers ,Excellent speakers and amplifiers stereo sound.

The 24-hour test

1  After the installation, more than 24 hours before packing,

2  If any accessories are found damaged, they should be tested to ensure quality after replacement.

3  When packing, another simple test is needed

Test content

Final detection before packing

Choose the right package


    Our machines pass long distance transportation, a strong packaging can protect the safety of goods to your home, we will choose different packaging materials according to the mode of transportation, but also meet your customs clearance requirements, our rich experience makes you without any trouble

Our packages come in three types

We address the following issues

------ Choose us

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