Whack a Mole Arcade Game Machine


Whack a Mole Game Machine Feature:

1.The game consol can be started after inserting coins
2.With rotating playback page
3.Cute cartoon design and cool LED lighting effects attract players
4.Can close or open the percussion panel
5.Rounded corners are designed to protect children


Product Details:

Product Advantage:

1.All the internal parts were under strict selection and testing.

2. 72 hours heat engine requirements, reduce machine qualityproblems

3.Independent research and development, the motherboard and hardware are manufactured by us, we are the real source of manufacturers.

4.Use completely sealed bubble wrap to prevent moisture and water from entering the package during transportation,otherwise it
will cause rust.

How to play:

1. Players can start the game after inserting coins, and children favorite pictures will be played on the screen.
2. The chidren hold the soft hammer and waits for the hamster to appear and then strikes to get points.
3. After the score is reached, you can proceed to the next level of challenge!

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