New Coin Operated Stacker Arcade Game UFO Claw Machine 2 Person 22 Inch Toy Story Mini Claw Machine

Product Feature:
1.High quality HD LCD, which show clear pictures.

2.Claw force control, humanized adjustment, probability guaranteed
3.Taiwan liquid crystal main board Sky car: imported non embroidered steel luxury car
4.Easy to disassemble the Metal panel, reduce package size and save freight
5.Front spectaculars adopt PMMA board, our own R&D and design light board are assemble on two front corners(protect by metal frame)
6.Safety tempered glass, thick plywood board consists of very strong structure, firm and durable


Product Details:

Product Advantage:
1.All the internal parts were under strict selection and testing.

2. 72 hours heat engine requirements, reduce machine quality problems
3.Independent research and development, the motherboard and hardware are manufactured by us, we are the real source of manufacturers.
4.Use completely sealed bubble wrap to prevent moisture and water from entering the package during transportation,otherwise it will cause rust.

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