Football League Lottery Arcade Games Machine

Lottery Arcade Games Machine Features:

1. Coin operated and ticket out optional.
2. Wonderful game and attractive design.
3. Once you play the game, definitely you will get some tickets.
4. Hot and popular for kids and adult.
5. Suit for game center, amusement park and other entertainment purpose.


Product Details:

Name  Football league game machine
Model No. RT-Z39
Size W1800*D1000*H2000mm
Cabinet material fiberglass+mental
Package(container) carton+ wood frame
Package (LCL) carton+ wood frame
Weight 60kgs
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 350W
Player 1
Warranty 12 months
Color as photo
Type coin operated

How to Play Lottery Arcade Games Machine:

1. Insert coins and press the start button to start the game.

2. Throwing the football to the hole to get scores and tickets.

3. Can multiplay, play with friends, more fun!

Football League Football League Football League

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