Classic Bartop Arcade With Retro Games



Classic bartop arcade machine with 3000 games, street fighter artwork and a huge 24″ screen running Jamma Pandora’s Box DX.

  • 3000-in-1 Classic arcade games pre-installed
  • Ability to add new games via USB in seconds
  • 2 player Plug and play for ease of use / no configuration required
  • Ability to play 3/4 player games via wireless USB controllers (we can supply and configure for £50 extra)
  • Ability to show/hide games you don’t want to see/play via the easy to use Admin menu button located inside the locked cabinet
  • High-quality handmade design built in London, UK!
  • 12 Months manufacturers warranty for peace of mind
  • 24 Inch monitor 16:9 HD with high viewing angles
  • Adjustable volume control and speaker system
  • Quality arcade components for reliability


Model Number:











19 inch


Black,Blue,Bed, White

Cabinet Material:

15mm thick MDF board

Packaging Details:

foam+stretch film+export standard carton

Product Details:

This sleek tabletop design utilizes a 19-26 inch screen, same as most full size arcade machines, full size buttons and a classic cherry ball joystick. With its compact cabinet it takes up a lot less room but still delivers all the same excitement and fun! At only 55 pounds it can be moved when needed or even taken with you to a friend’s house. Finally, this machine is finished off with original graphics so you will have the look and feel of the classic stand up machines from the 80’s.

The high quality monitor, thick tempered glass, and premium joysticks provide an unmatched feeling of precision craftsmanship

Build from high quality parts, you will experience the best retro gaming experience EVER!!!

About warranty:

We use high-quality certified accessories for machines, and provide a one-year free warranty service. If the machine you bought is not artificial damaged, we will directly send you accessories replacement instead of sending back to repair, including LCD, motherboard, power supply, and would not charge you any cost.

After one year, if you need some technical advice or any other support, please feel free to let us know that we will only charge you accessories cost and always provide you with the best 24-hour service


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