360 degrees rotating le bar car


Product Technical data:

Product Type Rolling car/ Le bar car
Function can drift, can touch the device(Laser shooting, war, skill equipment)
Material Plastic+steel+pu
The carrying capacity 1-2 people
Vehicle quality about 200KGS
Rated power about 300W
Maximum speed the machine settings
Product Size L140 * W140 * H175cm
Battery life 5H


Product Details:

Hottest Amusement Playground Experience Swing Car Balance Electrontic Happy Car Ride.
Happy car is also known as happy bar car, swing car, balance car, its safe and reliable, easy to operate, adults and children can use together, Happy amusement park is a newly designed children’s amusemen park with novel appearance, luxurious appearance, convenient operation, no age limit for children. This product uses dual motor electric controller, controller control can make the car run in any direction, the car is also equipped with music, color lights and many other decices. our company independently designs,develops, produces and sells happy cars. Many styles, which can attract selective buyers.
360 rolling car le bar car
The Ride Is Perfect For Kids
It has two big wheels and two chairs. The ride rotates 180 degrees. Riders use joysticks to move the car around and to make it rotate. The car is a lot of fun to operate and kids are going to enjoy huge thrills from this ride.
The Ride Lights Up With Colorful LED Lights
The lights make it look great at night and they are very attractive. The ride looks magical and night and people will want to ride it since it looks so amazing.
The ride can be turned into a coin-operated ride or even a card activated ride if you want that option. It is perfect for riders of all levels and it has levels that work for every age. Riders enter the ride and sit on the chairs so the ride can move forward or backwards. The ride will also spin.
360 rolling car le bar car
360 rolling car le bar car
360 rolling car le bar car
360 rolling car le bar car
360 rolling car le bar car

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